The Guardians of Painting

The Guardians of Painting

Does painting still make sense? The paintings presented at the exhibition entitled ‘Sprzeczne informacje. Obraz wobec obrazów’ (‘Contradictory Information. A painting against paintings’) not only do still make sense, but they generally constitute a simple answer to those who have lost their faith in the meaning of painting as art. Yes, painting still does the trick!

Grupa Pendzle is more of a social circle than a group following a certain scheme, and yet its members – Tomasz Ciecierski, Ryszard Grzyb, Robert Maciejuk, Paweł Susid, Włodzimierz Jan Zakrzewski – have similar views on painting as medium.

A group of acclaimed painters to become the guardians of painting? ‘What binds them is surely a kind of faith (that still leaves room for contestation and doubting) in painting as an art that is modern and up-to-date even nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century,’ wrote the curator Waldemar Baraniewski. ‘It’s faith in painting as a result of transposition of sensual values contributing to the making of an organized visual formula which abandons the anachronistic representation of reality.’ See you in Salon Akademii. The last two days with the exhibition of the guardians of painting.

‘Sprzeczne informacje. Obraz wobec obrazów’, Galeria Salon Akademii, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, from 12/01/2013

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