Does Edie S. write to you?

Does Edie S. write to you?

AiB: Every few months you send another limited series of postcards (photographs, posters). Your project Message from Edie S. Mail Art Series refers to the concept of Mail Art. Could you specify what it is all about?
Pola Dwurnik: Following the classic rules of Mail Art, the project remonstrates the official channels of art distribution, where the artist’s position and the symbolic value of his creations is determined by his presence in exhibitions, events and art galleries, by critics’ reviews of his works, but – above all – by their market price. A key aspect of the project is the message that every mail conveys (in a visual or, additionally, textual form) – wishes, political and social commentaries, issues debated by certain circles or societies, as well as my own reflections or interests. The messages from Edie are private and subjective, neither legitimized by any institution nor subordinate to any social networking services (public domain) or subject to censorship.

AiB: Who is the blond Edie S.?
P.D: Generally speaking, nobody knows who Edie S. is. It’s ‘a blonde girl from a photograph’ and that’s it. Naturally, the name itself refers to Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s famous ‘Factory Girl’.

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