Designer of his time – Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Designer of his time – Karl Friedrich Schinkel

In Berlin’s Kulturforum it’s the last day of the monographic exhibition of Karl Friedrich Schinkel entitled ‘Geschichte und Poesie’ before it is transferred to Munich. It’s an interesting, retrospective event presenting all areas of the architect’s activity – from a model of the Altes Museum in Berlin, through the fantastic drawings of Ancient ruins and Gothic cathedrals, to designs of chairs, wine glasses, candelabrums and floor mosaics.

He was an architect, a painter, a designer, a set designer and an antique restoration pioneer. Presenting Schinkel as an expert in theatre set design, from panoramas to dioramas, is the flavour of the exhibition.

The Iron Cross is also his creation.
Our suggestion: it would be perfect if one of the branches of the National Museum (Kraków, Wrocław, Szczecin, Warsaw?) decided to import the exhibition. After all, numerous churches, palaces and public buildings designed by Schinkel are located in Poland.


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