Fly by LOT

Fly by LOT

We seem to have got stuck in the 1950’s and 60’s a bit. First, it was design and now the illustrations by not just anybody, but by Janusz Grabiański himself. Just before the holiday break Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu takes us for a pleasant trip to his unique and colourful world.

Anyone who still remembers ‘The Alphabet Book’ and used to read the books with his light and charming illustrations will be touched. For years Grabiański had been a favourite of kids and adults alike (he illustrated over one hundred literary classics).

It’s also worth noticing his advertising posters (e.g. for LOT Polish Airlines), which are extremely expressive, synthetic and, naturally, unquestionably charming. ‘Koty, psoty, samoloty’ in Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu

starting 02/01/2013

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